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Contromon Solutions´┐Ż products & services are grouped into five disciplines, which, although they
each form an individual product category, can also be seamlessly combined.
For each of these product categories we employ specialists who offer knowhow and expertise.
At the same time, our specialists are true team players, who know how to pair their skills with
the knowhow of people from our other product groups. This is what appeals to our
current clients: both our high grade products and the possibility to combine the different
disciplines in perfect alignment.


Contromon Solutions realized tailored projects for the petrochemical industry,
the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and similar organisations and industries:

  • Engineering of control system panels according to (end) user specifications;
  • Engineering and construction of instrumentation racks, instruments, tubing, pneumatics, process, hydraulics;
  • Installation of instruments and cables;
  • Assembly of measuring, control and instrument air;
  • Installation of electrical panels, cables, lighting et cet.;
  • Upgrading of existing installations, as-built production of diagrams and P&IDs.

    Contromon Solutions engineers and draws panels and programmes PLCs:

  • Engineering and manufacture of electricity panels 0.1 - 1000 KVA. MCCs and switch boards;
  • Engineering and manufacture of instrumentation/automation panels;
  • Drawings in AutoCad and EPLAN as requested;
  • PLC programming, mainly Siemens and HMI.


  • Engineering and manufacture of Sample Conditioning Systems for static and on-stream analysers;
  • Installation of onsite gas chromatographs and analysers. ATEX and Iec Ex;
  • Engineering and manufacture of gas cylinder racks for analyser systems;
  • Engineering and manufacture of gas cylinder warmers, ATEX;
  • Engineering, delivery and installation of analyser shelters, possibly with ATEX HVAC;
  • Placing of analyser measuring piping;
  • Placing of gas detection systems for environmental air, H2S, LEL etc.;
  • Engineering of control systems of gas detection.

    Contromon Solutions engineers and manufactures skids for many different applications:

  • Piping, E&I, tracing, cables and insulation;
  • Building of fiscal measuring stations;
  • Oxygen burner / cutting torch installations;
  • Reduction skids for gases and evaporators;
  • Piping in copper and stainless steel.

    Every day, many of our engineers, electro technicians and instrumentation and analyser
    technicians are outsourced for work at our clients´┐Ż premises for the daily maintenance to
    various installations.

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