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Contromon Solutions engineers, assembles, installs,
inspects and maintains measurement and analysis
tools for industrial processes. In addition,
we programme PLCs for the automation of such
processes. Contromon Solutions engineers, builds
and installs the instruments, calibrates equipment
and systems, engineers and builds racks and installs
measuring piping.

Clients can also call on
Contromon Solutions for the engineers, development
and installation of industrial electrical systems,
cables and wiring of control and power panels
and panel construction.

For the analysis technology we engineer, build and
install on-stream sample conditioning panels and
analyser shelters. We test and we check.

Contromon Solutions does all of this, not just for
new installations and systems, but also for the
improvement, maintenance and reprogramming
of existing installations and systems.

Needless to say, all our work is performed by
experts, who can help you solve problems and who
can give you suggestions for improving the safety,
efficiency and controllability of your processes.

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